Dressense Bridal is a multi-Award winning bridal boutique, showcasing a beautiful  collection of gowns from around the world.

We believe the Bridal experience should be one of the most special moments of your life.

The first step in that Bridal experience is choosing your perfect gown. A gown that will leave your friends and family breath taken and your husband-to-be falling in love all over again.

In a relaxed environment, our dedicated, passionate Bridal stylists  will guide you through the wonderful experience of finding your dream gown.

Browse and try on carefully selected gowns from our extensive collection. We will ensure the gown you choose is perfect just for you.

Once your Gown is selected, the next step is choosing from Dressense Bridal’s  beautiful range of gorgeous bridesmaids gowns, ensuring that your Bridal party is beautifully coordinated.

Highly qualified seamstresses are available in-store, to adjust and modify any of our gowns.

Dressense Bridal is conveniently located around the corner from Westfield at Miranda.
At your hour long appointment, you can expect a warm, welcoming experience in a relaxed, elegant setting.